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Michel Coulombe

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Michel Coulombe

In October 2013, Michel Coulombe became the eighth Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Mr. Coulombe’s appointment was a historic one, representing the first time that the Director of CSIS has come from within the Service. Mr. Coulombe joined the Service as an intelligence officer in 1986, two years after the organization was created.

Professional Experience

Prior to his appointment as Director, Mr. Coulombe served as Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) from 2010-2013, where he oversaw the entire Operations portfolio of the Service.

Previous to his tenure as DDO, Mr. Coulombe held two other senior executive positions: Assistant Director of Foreign Collection (ADF) and Assistant Director of Intelligence (ADI). As ADF he oversaw the Service’s operational activities abroad, and as ADI, he was responsible for intelligence analysis and the Security Screening program.

Mr. Coulombe has also served in CSIS regional offices, including as Director General of the Quebec Region, his home province.


Mr. Coulombe has a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) from l’École Polytechnique from the University of Montreal.

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