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Sharing Information with the Public

CSIS stays in contact with the public through various programs and activities:

Liaison/Awareness Program

The Liaison/Awareness Program provides for ongoing dialogue with private and public organizations on the threat posed to Canadian interests by foreign governments which engage in economic espionage. The program allows CSIS to collect and assess the information needed to investigate activities of economic espionage against Canada, while enabling Canadian companies and public organizations to reduce their vulnerability by more effectively protecting themselves.

How to Participate

If you suspect that your organization has been the victim of economic espionage or if you are interested in finding out how to best protect your organization against potential threats, CSIS can deliver a presentation designed to sensitize your employees. The presentation covers some of the most common covert methods used by those who engage in economic espionage, and describes the steps that an organization should consider in assessing its vulnerabilities. The presentation also outlines the threat to information security, providing recent examples of computer intrusions that illustrate the real threat posed to computer and telecommunications systems. By participating in the program, your organization can gain a better appreciation of the risks that may be facing it, which will enhance its ability to protect sensitive or proprietary information and technology.

(Note: CSIS does not provide security consulting services, nor does it give tailored advice on protecting proprietary information and technology.)

To arrange for a presentation at your location, please contact the CSIS office nearest you.

Public Liaison and Outreach Program

The Public Liaison and Outreach Program is aimed at informing the public about the role and activities of CSIS in supporting national security. In this context, the Public Liaison and Outreach officer responds to enquiries from the public, and, in cooperation with regional officers, identifies opportunities to raise public awareness about issues relating to CSIS.

The officer provides briefings concerning CSIS's role and activities to federal and provincial government departments and agencies, foreign liaison officers, universities, associations and community groups across the country; distributes unclassified CSIS publications such as the Public Report, resource materials such as the Backgrounders series and multimedia presentations; and responds to requests for information received from the public.

Media Relations Program

The Media Relations Program plays an important role in ensuring that the media receives timely, accurate, balanced and consistent information from CSIS.

The officer responsible for this program is CSIS's main media spokesperson. The officer responds to media enquiries and requests for interviews and provides them with unclassified information.

Cross-cultural Roundtable on Security

A key element of the government's National Security Policy is the Cross-cultural Roundtable on Security, a forum aimed at engaging Canadians in a long-term dialogue on national security matters, recognizing that Canada is a diverse and pluralistic society. The Roundtable provides a forum to discuss emerging trends and developments stemming from national security matters and serves to inform policy-makers.

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